Fawn or Foe II
mixed media | 18" h x 24" w x 14" d
"We Are Animal" series

On a Paris trip, I found inspiration in many 18th and 19th century French sculptures depicting mythological heroes adorned with animal fleeces. These artworks relate to an exhibition titled, "Wild: Fashion Untamed" I saw in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum ten years prior. Some of the exhibited garments utilized animal pelts in unexpected ways, mostly for the purpose of embellishment. Since pre-historic times, fur has also served the role to warm and protect humans from the elements. This sculpture is a whitetail deer disguised with a wolf pelt, the deer's natural predator. Deer are timid creatures with a plant-based diet, while wolves are aggressive by comparison as they rely solely on animal flesh for survival. This pairing of predator and prey relates to masking one's character to overcome something or escape.